About Us


Low Tax. Better Service.


Low and voluntary contribution of funds to the government.


YearTwo Thousand and Nine saw the birth of the Tax Payer movement in right earnest in the country. Today with over twenty thousand members we are the largest tax payer organization in the country and we are growing fast. ITP aims at Effective use of Taxes and tax payer money. ITP’s vision is to ensure that the citizens should be notified on the expenditures from the tax money and they must be given appropriate services. A fair balance between taxpayer rights and obligations will only ensure a higher degree of trust between the tax collector and taxpayer. Transparency between the government and tax payer is essential. Today members pay their membership subscription online. Most of the services are also delivered online to the members. India Tax Payer has chapters in Chennai and Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu. With representatives in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore, India Tax Payer expects to span the length and breadth of the country, soon.


1. We Cooperate

We work with the government to bring good things to the country. We bring international knowledge and expertise in tax related areas to the table. We ask for sitting memberships in panels that make decisions, bye laws, rules, statutes, suggestions. We play active role in building constructive working rules for seamless working of the government and its services.

2. We Comply

Laws are to be obeyed. We believe in adhering to the laws of the country. Of course, a few laws could be old and very difficult to adopt. In which case, we work towards scrapping the laws, altering the laws through appropriate methods and procedures in vogue. Until then, we comply.

3.  We Petition

Hundreds of problems, tax payers face every day. We write to the government to make our life easier. Many times, governments do not know that we are suffering because of a specific rule or law. It is our duty as a citizen of the country to take the matter to the government and bring about the small change that would make many of our brethren’s life easier and merrier.

Who is who


India Tax Payer is registered as a Trust. The board of trustees for ITP is small but active.

  1. Mr R Shantha Kumar, Business Man

  2. Mr Durairaj, Tax Consultant

ITP has a consulting committee that spear heads its movement across the nation. The consulting committee consists of the following people:

  1. Mr Shantha Kumar, Coimbatore
  2. Mr Kalaivendan Kannaian, Chennai
  3. Mr Nanda Kumar, Chennai
  4. Mr Durairaj, Chennai and Coimbatore.
  5. Mrs Banumathi Shankar, Mumbai
  6. Mr Nadimuthu Srinivasan, Coimbatore
  7. Dr Sivasubramaniam Kulandaivelu, Madurai