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Posted: 09-12-2010

My friend kept warning me when I was about to apply for a service tax number.

\'You will be harassed if you start paying taxes\', he said.

\'I am being honest. For being honest why should I be harassed\', I said.

But today, after nearly two years of filing returns and paying a good lot of tax money, I continue to stand scrutiny and harassment by the service tax department. When I started inquiring about the other tax collecting departments, I could see that every one of the departments work the same way. Income tax, Sales Tax, Customs and excise including the service tax department.

Their job is to collect tax. The tax itself is a free money to them where it certainly is hard for the government to establish whether they are spending the money collected properly. While so, it is rather innate why every time when you file a return or walk up to pay taxes, you need to pay \'gifts\' to the officers and local staff there?

Every month when the sales tax return is filed, certain amount has to be given to the officer for filing the return. I wonder, whether they take their salaries or not? So is the case with the service tax department, excise and of course, the mother of all departments, Income tax. Every one knows the date on which returns are filed. And on that date there is so much of money collected and divided among themselves, it looks like a robbers loot.

We pay our taxes to the government, why pay to the \'poosari\' in between?

So, I declined to pay! And what happened to me is a worser nightmare. Now, I feel I could have paid them off rather than fight with them. Let me also tell you, what happened after that.

The went through my papers and said, that there is an additional due of an x amount. This almost doubles my tax payment and liability. I took my papers to some of the senior most legal advisors in the country and took their opinion. They clearly said, the department is mistaken. You are not liable for any payment. You show them this particular clause and see what they do. If they still serve you a notice, we will take it to the court / tribunal.

For the last one year, the officer is delaying serving me the notice but at the same time not closing the paper as well. He is trying to tell me, that he has a knife over my head and he can make use of it any time. This is a clear case of harassment.

Neither the senior people nor the law seems to have anything against such harassment. Filing false cases and serving notices that are not tenable in a court with the sole intention to harass the tax payer.

More on tax payers in the next post too! Next time another harassment story.. story of another assessee who had to face the torture and pay up to clear false case against him.
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Posted: 21-12-2010

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