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India Tax Payer – the beginning

India Tax Payer is an association formed for the felicity of the citizens of India in the year 2009. With a membership of 20,000 people across the nation, ITP aims for “Reduced Taxes and Better Service for the tax paid”.

As ITP’s vision proclaims, the citizens should be notified on the expenditures from the tax money and they must be given appropriate utilities. A fair balance between taxpayer rights and obligations will only ensure a higher degree of trust between the tax collector and taxpayer. The Utopia aimed for by ITP is the place where taxes are paid voluntarily and the government is bound to provide services.

A real democracy where the people have precedence over government; where all men and women live in equality.

A land as dreamt by the great old poet of India, Rabindranath Tagore, is yet to be realized and still remains as a far off dream. ITP is consistently working for this dream of liberated souls living in a free land.

Free from the burden of taxes; and the government shall get paid for the services rendered by them. The government shall embark on its job of governance and shall not foray into the domain of business. That shall be the prerogative for the entrepreneurs of this land.


We invite you to join India Tax Payer. Just go to our website and become a member TODAY!



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