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One Tax for the corporation

India Tax Payer were joined protest meeting with people of Edayarpalayam, TVS nagar and its neighbourhoods for bring to the notice of corporation administrators for the following points held on 18 Sep 2017.


1. ‘No Tax Increase’. We are paying taxes in different forms and shapes. The Municipal Corporation gets its own share of these taxes from the centre and from the state governments apart from their own direct collections.
2. The Corporation has announced only an interim budget and no Annual report has been filed for the past few years on the website or publicly announced. Even after reminders to do the same, the corporation has not done so.
3. One Tax for the corporation. Today the municipal corporations have multiple taxes. Eight direct and a number of them indirect. We want all these taxes to be merged and made into one single tax. When GST with all its complications could be merged and made into one, corporation can easily subsume all these taxes into one single tax.
4. Until an elected body comes into place, the corporation should not add new taxes. And should not also bring in additional deposits, etc., since it is also a kind of taxation. Please conduct an election for local bodies. Let the council pass the resolution to adopt a new tax or deposit.




We request all people to abstain from paying the deposits and other additional taxes called in by the Corporation until it is resolved in the corporation council to pay.


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