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Every rupee you earn results in 70 paise going to the government.

In every rupee, 30% goes to income tax. When you spend 70 paise, you pay 20% on an average as GST. 44 paise gone to government. And almost all products are taken out of earth in some form or other. For each one you pay a royalty to government amounting to about 20% the cost of the product.

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Assuming 50 paise as the cost of product 10 paise goes as royalty. Now the remaining 46 paise includes transportation, communication and many other services for which the government charges carrying cost. Example, license for 2g or 3g etc. This will add up to about 16 paise in all. Totalling to a whooping 70 paise out of every 1 rupee earned. May be a little less, may be a little more.

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