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Low and voluntary contribution of funds to the government.


Low Tax. Better Service.

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MODI CALLS FOR 10 CRORE PEOPLE TO BE DRAWN INTO INCOME TAX NET Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched for nearly doubling of tax base to 10 crore assesses while addressing tax officers in the first ever Rajasva Gyan Sangam that kick-started on Thursday. more..


To start with, let me underline, the mission of our India Tax Payer movement:"Effective Use of Taxes". Effective use of taxes may not happen while we have an inefficient government in place. Our recent democratic experience in India has not been encouraging at all. more..

 Budget 2016

The Budget is out. One more step in the right direction. Though it is a really small step, with the current economic scenario, weighing down heavily on the shoulders of the citizens of this country, some more help from the Government would have gone a long way. Once again, this Government has come out with plans that are defensive with no major positive drivers to the economy, no concrete growth directions being mentioned. more..

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  • What we do


    More-members Initiative: This is to drive more membership into the organisation. We need to cross 100,000 members before we end the year 2011. We started just five months back and we have crossed 19,000 members. With your help and cooperation we will be able to achieve this mark.

    Listen-to-us initiative: We want the government to lend its ears to the tax payers as well. If you look at the current ongoing discussions on tax reforms, it be direct tax or GST, there is no strong representation from the tax payer community. ITP will take the tax payer to the government and will present before them the tax payers voice. We will fight for representation in every one of the forums.

    Reduce-tax initiative: We will represent to the government to reduce taxes and not increase them. There is no sanctity to increase taxes since by default with an increase in GDP, there is a large scale increase in the government income even if they do not do any increase of tax. And most of the large projects are also given out on BOT basis. While so, what is the need to increase taxes? We will raise the issue and ask for critical answers to such pertinent questions.

    Internationalization Initiative: We will coordinate across the world with similar organizations to support one another in our rights for reduced taxes. More and more organizations will join together and we will spearhead an international organization of all the tax payer organizations across the world. We are a member of the World Taxpayers Associations (WTA). WTA has over 66 member countries and we are one of them. We are also one of the Asia Pacific Tax Payers Union, one among 21 countries that form the union.


    ITP will embark on the following projects to understand and appreciate the extent to which the government spends the tax money and the collection methodologies employed by the government.

    1. Harassment Metrics Project: In association with other international organizations, a metric to measure the extent to which citizens are harassed, threatened to submission by the governments will be produced. This metric will help the governments in judging where they stand and what they can do to rate themselves better.

    2. Proactive Taxation Project: The concept of proactive taxation is new to India though it has been in practice in the west for over a decade. Since Indian Taxation system follows reactive machinations, government departments are the largest litigants in the country. ITP will embark on a training and educating mission of the government staff and officers to know what is proactive taxation and why that is a better approach for the government. Conducting seminars and conferences to highlight this across the country will be the major activity of this project in the next five years.


    Low Tax. Better Service.


    Low and voluntary contribution of funds to the government is the dream India Tax Payer wants to realise. If not today, it will happen someday.