Mission & Vision

Low and voluntary contribution of funds to the government.


Low Tax. Better Service.

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 Arun Jaitley hints at cutting down GST rates on products in 28% tax slab

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today hinted at bringing down the number of products in 28% GST slab. While speaking at India Today Conclave Next 2017, the Finance Minister said that some of the items should never have been in the 28 per cent slab. more..

 One Tax for the corporation

India Tax Payer were joined protest meeting with people of Edayarpalayam, TVS nagar and its neighbourhoods for bring to the notice of corporation administrators for the following points held on 18 Sep 2017. more..

 Direct tax collection up 16% from last year, growth in advance tax down

Net direct tax collections for April-September, the first half of the current financial year, grew 15.8 per cent from last year to Rs 3.86 lakh crore, data released by Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) showed. This amounts to 39.4 per cent of the total Budget estimate for direct taxes for 2017-18. more..

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  • Major Targets

    Expenditure Targets

    1. All expenses accounts of the Government should be transparent and available on the net for everyone to see.

    2. Slim down tax departments to the barest minimum. Merge tax departments to achieve a single window taxation service. Larger tax department results in larger harassment of taxpayers and not in larger tax collections.

    3. All taxpayer funding of public sector enterprises should be stopped forthwith. Inefficiency of one set of people cannot be offset by public fund.

    4. Cut Government advertising and propaganda expenses at least by 50%.

    5. Decentralize government finance down to panchayats. Tax collection and expenses should be decided at the lowermost level, first.

    6. Privatise departments such as Post, Health Care and Education with ample support for Health care and Education rather than running the same with government funds alone.

    7. Close nonperforming / underperforming research departments and instead make use of University research groups to work on research projects with clear delivery schedules and cited projects. This will also improve the education system in the country.

    Taxation Targets

    1. One point tax for all goods and services. Taxpayer should credit only one account for all goods and services.

    2. Single point data collection for the information and intelligence purposes. Multiple audits in multiple names should not exist.

    3. Minimal slabs and straight jacketed tax structures in a form, lay man can understand, should be made. Wherever ambiguity exists in tax laws, those laws should become inactive and repealed with immediate effect.

    4. A blanket moratorium on all tax increases for the next ten years.

    5. Direct taxes for individuals should not be more than 10% and for corporate it should at 15% maximum.

    Income Targets

    1. Proper and effective use of assets with the government to generate revenue.

    2. Set income targets for public sector enterprises and ensure they contribute to the exchequer. This can be realised only through professional management of these enterprises. Generalist management and public service interference of these enterprises should be stopped.