Tax was invented by monarchs who became stupendously rich by plundering the working class and the poor. Taxes helped them fund their military missions; build castles and palaces; and satisfied their whims and fancies. Taxes were collected in all forms. From gold to grains, taxes had to be paid in whatever form the working class produced.

When the class fights broke and the current style of democratic thoughts pervaded the world, taxes became a way of funding the governments. Though the reason for collecting taxes changed from one of filling monarchy’s coffers to one of funding government programs, the methodology of collection did not change much.

Taxes continue to be forced collections from citizens. Every government in the world still continue to threaten the citizen to submission when they collect taxes. They continue to ‘tax’ people, literally.

An ideal tax (for want of a better word, we continue to use it) should be a voluntary contribution from the citizen to the government.

India Tax Payer will promote the move towards the ideal tax environment. When taxes are paid under threats, it is equal to extortion and it is a crime under the guise of governance. Today, that is exactly what is happening in India and in multitude of other countries. Tax is collected much in the same way as terrorists collect funds for their missions, using threats!

We at India Tax Payer, invite you to join us in this mission to reduce taxes to more meaningful levels and to make tax a voluntary contribution for social uplift and national greatness.