Twenty thousand members and growing…

Year Two Thousand and Nine saw the birth of the Tax Payer movement in right earnest in the country. Today with over twenty thousand members we are the largest tax payer organization in the country and we are growing fast. ITP aims at Effective use of Taxes and tax payer money. ITP’s vision is to ensure that the citizens should be notified on the expenditures from the tax money and they must be given appropriate services. A fair balance between taxpayer rights and obligations will only ensure a higher degree of trust between the tax collector and taxpayer. Transparency between the government and tax payer is essential.


Members Enjoy…

Free seminars and conferences for full members. Whereas others have to pay and participate.

A few of these conferences and seminars are also paid to take care of larger expenses.

Free monthly newsletter on the email. A gist of what is happening in the world of India Tax Payer

A complete resource pack on the net where there is a continuous update of papers and documents to help educating every tax enthusiast.

A discounted tax agent service, to be provided by an external third party agency. The members may choose to make use of them at their own discretion.

Soon to be launched Tax Payer Helpline on the web. You may shoot any question to the helpline staff / bot. Initially, a bot would answer your queries.

Initiatives and Projects’