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Low and voluntary contribution of funds to the government.


Low Tax. Better Service.

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MODI CALLS FOR 10 CRORE PEOPLE TO BE DRAWN INTO INCOME TAX NET Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched for nearly doubling of tax base to 10 crore assesses while addressing tax officers in the first ever Rajasva Gyan Sangam that kick-started on Thursday. more..


To start with, let me underline, the mission of our India Tax Payer movement:"Effective Use of Taxes". Effective use of taxes may not happen while we have an inefficient government in place. Our recent democratic experience in India has not been encouraging at all. more..

 Budget 2016

The Budget is out. One more step in the right direction. Though it is a really small step, with the current economic scenario, weighing down heavily on the shoulders of the citizens of this country, some more help from the Government would have gone a long way. Once again, this Government has come out with plans that are defensive with no major positive drivers to the economy, no concrete growth directions being mentioned. more..

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