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Low and voluntary contribution of funds to the government.


Low Tax. Better Service.

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 India Tax Payer – the beginning

India Tax Payer is an association formed for the felicity of the citizens of India in the year 2009. With a membership of 20,000 people across the nation, ITP aims for “Reduced Taxes and Better Service for the tax paid”. more..

 Order under Section 119 of the Income-tax Act, 1961

Under the provisions of recently introduced section 139AA of the Income-tax Act, 1961 ('Act'). With effect from 01.07.2017, all taxpayers having Aadhaar Number or Enrolment Number are required to link it with PAN Number for filing the tax return more..

 New Income Tax Law May Focus on Salaried Class, Says Member of New Panel:

Mukesh Patel, an Ahmadabad-based tax advocate, was also part of an earlier expert committee to simplify income tax laws. In an exclusive interview, he mentioned that the new Income Tax law is the need of the hour instead of continuous patch-up work that was being done on the old 1961 legislation. more..

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  • Welcome to India Tax Payer

    Why One tax?

    India Tax Payer has been spearheading this movement for one tax for the entire government. In order to understand why one tax, we need to first appreciate why we have something called as tax. Tax is the means of funding to Government objectives. Read More..


    Tax… Tax…. Tax….

    The word Tax is gaining more and more prominence these days. What with gross increase of tax burden on every individual, tax is today the word to watch for most people in India. 

    Would you believe, if I say that we pay more than 60 to 70% of our earnings as taxes to the government? 

    Direct taxes account for 30% of your income while indirect taxes account for the rest. GST tried to bring in a control on repeated taxation, but the impact till today is very little. GST works out on an average to about 20%. 

    Apart from this, most of the materials come out as raw materials from the earth or cut from the trees. Then again you pay a mining license fees or timber tax etc., which would account for about 20% of the cost of the goods or commodity. 

    Net result is that out of whatever you earn, you end up paying 60 to 70% to the government. Only 30% is left for the worker to enjoy. This is applicable to both the rich and the poor. 

    India Tax Payer is the only forum that is bringing the tax payers plight to the people who matter. With over 20,000 members on board, India Tax payer is spreading across the nation and raising its voice for appropriate use of tax money and for reasonable taxation. We are working for one single tax that would not be more than 20% of every citizen’s income. 

    Join hands with India Tax Payer. Become a member today. 

    Let us pay tax. Let it be reasonable. Let it be wisely spent.


    Join India Tax Payer!

    India Tax Payer is an association of tax payers in India.

    We work for reduced taxation and better services from the government.

    Tax collection by the government has been growing phenomenally. While it is common knowledge to link tax collection to inflation and to GDP growth, it will come as a surprise to note that tax collection by the Government has been growing almost eight times faster than the GDP.

    In the last thirty years, GDP of the nation has grown nine times between 1981 and 2011 whereas the tax collection by the Government has grown 72 times during the same period!

    Taxes have been consistently growing up. New taxes added every time when there is a budget. And the budget season is round the corner. It is only right that we expect more taxes in one form or the other.

    Are we ready for it? What is our stand in it?

    Our voices need to be heard. Taxes cannot and should not be introduced at the will and pleasure of Government but when there is a proven need.

    Unless there is a united voice of the tax payers, it is not going to be heard. Join this group and start raising your ideas and thoughts in the forum here. We will make sure every valid thought is publicly heard and read!